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how to show pagination information using codeigniter

i want to show pagination information in my page.
like this Below table is showing 0-8 books out of 17 books

As explained below in comments and answer i tried to fix my problem. But still i have problem.

  1. Unable to get the
    value. I tried
    $CI =& get_instance();
    But this is giving me a

    zero value.

  2. if i supply manual value for
    . say $cur_page=3, and my total record is 17. Then at the last page(i.e 3) it is showing wrong information
    showing 24-17 of 17 books

Please help me to fix this problem?

In my view page

<?php echo "displaying $result_start to $result_end of $total";?>

In controller

$config = array();
$config['base_url'] = base_url().'viewallbooks/books/pgn/';
$config["total_rows"] = $this->Booksmodel->record_count_for_secondtopBooks('3');
$config['uri_segment'] = 4;
$config['per_page'] = 8;
$config['full_tag_open'] = '<div id="pagination">';
$config['full_tag_close'] = '</div>';

$page = ($this->uri->segment(4)) ? $this->uri->segment(4) : 0;

$data["query"] = $this->Subjectmodel->get_subjects();
$data["query1"]= $this->Editionmodel->get_edition();

* For showing the "showing 8-16 of 23 data
$data["trows"]= $config["total_rows"] ;
* Ends here--For showing the "showing 8-16 of 23 data

$data["query2"]=$this->Booksmodel->get_all_book_list_atHomeTop('3',$config["per_page"], $page);
$data["links"] = $this->pagination->create_links();

In Model for counting total number of rows

//-- -Counting the rows of bookdetails of table where display_id is as argument-----
public function record_count_for_secondtopBooks($id) {
$this->db->where('display_id', $id);
return $this->db->count_all_results();

Answer Source

var_dump($this->pagination); returns somenthing like this:

21 (31) { 
    ["base_url"]=> string(31) "http://localhost/site/users" 
    ["prefix"]=> string(0) "" 
    ["suffix"]=> string(0) "" 
    ["total_rows"]=> int(3) 
    ["per_page"]=> int(20) 
    ["num_links"]=> int(15) 
    ["cur_page"]=> int(0) 
    ["first_link"]=> string(5) "First" 
    ["next_link"]=> bool(false) 
    ["prev_link"]=> bool(false) 
    ["last_link"]=> string(4) "Last" 
    ["uri_segment"]=> int(2) 
    ["full_tag_open"]=> string(25) "" 
    ["full_tag_close"]=> string(4) "" 
    ["first_tag_open"]=> string(31) "" 
    ["first_tag_close"]=> string(13) " " 
    ["last_tag_open"]=> string(36) " " 
    ["last_tag_close"]=> string(7) "" 
    ["first_url"]=> string(31) "http://localhost/site/users" 
    ["cur_tag_open"]=> string(87) " " 
    ["cur_tag_close"]=> string(11) "" 
    ["next_tag_open"]=> string(36) " " 
    ["next_tag_close"]=> string(13) " " 
    ["prev_tag_open"]=> string(36) " " 
    ["prev_tag_close"]=> string(7) "" 
    ["num_tag_open"]=> string(35) " " 
    ["num_tag_close"]=> string(7) "" 
    ["page_query_string"]=> bool(false) 
    ["query_string_segment"]=> string(8) "per_page" 
    ["display_pages"]=> bool(true) 
    ["anchor_class"]=> string(26) "class="button bradiusMax" " }

i should do:

echo "Showing ".( $this->pagination->cur_page * $this->pagination->per_page)." of ". $this->pagination->total_rows." total results";

if you want you can use also different formats as itachi showed you in comments.

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