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Need help ignoring button press. Tkinter

I am working on making a stopwatch program. I can't get the start button to do nothing if the timer is already running.

When I search, I see the same 14 year old code. I'd find it hard to believe that all these individuals in the past 14 years have independently arrived at the same solution.

As a beginner, I'd really like to know what I'm doing wrong with what I've written instead of copy/pasting and moving on.

from tkinter import *
import time
import datetime

class Window(Frame):

def __init__(self, master = None):
Frame.__init__(self, master)

self.master = master


def init_window(self):


self.pack(fill=BOTH, expand=1)

quit_button = Button(self, text = 'Quit', command = self.client_exit)
quit_button.config(width = 9)

start_button = Button(self, text = 'Start', command = self.timer_start)
start_button.config(width= 10), y=0)

stop_button = Button(self, text = 'Stop', command = self.timer_stop)
stop_button.config(width = 10)

reset_button = Button(self, text = 'Reset', command = self.timer_reset)
reset_button.config(width = 10)

self.is_timer_running = False

def client_exit(self):

def timer_start(self):
global sec1
sec1 = time.time()
if self.is_timer_running == False:
self.is_timer_running = True
def tick():
if self.is_timer_running == True:
sec = time.time()
sec = datetime.timedelta(seconds = sec - sec1)
clock['text'] = sec
clock.after(100, tick)

def timer_stop(self):
stop_time = time.time()
if self.is_timer_running == True:
self.is_timer_running = False
def tick_stop():
stop = datetime.timedelta(seconds = stop_time - sec1)
clock['text'] = stop

def timer_reset(self):
self.is_timer_running = False
clock['text'] = '00:00:00'


Set the state of the button to disabled immediately after it's clicked (make sure to update it), and then set it back to normal when the timer stops running.

start_button.config(state = 'disabled')

# do whatever you need to do i.e run the stop watch

start_button.config(state = 'normal') 

And thanks to @NickBonne for further clarification :)

You need to add self.start_button = start_button and self.stop_button = stop_button in init_window(). Then you can use self.start_button.config(state="disabled")