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React JSX Question

show image if stored date is not current date

I have two images and got to display one of them every alternate day.
I'm using and checking if the storedDate = currentDate as per below code. However, I see that the state of the storeDate is not getting updated.
Could anyone shed some light here?

getInitialState() {
storedDate: ''

onDateChanged(currentDate) {
this.setState({ storedDate: currentDate });

var currentDate = moment();
var displayImage;
if (currentDate.isSame(this.state.storedDate, 'day')) {
displayImage = Image1;
} else {
displayImage = Image2;

Answer Source

The render function is suppose to be pure function, i.e it should not change the state.

React re-renders every time a state is changed, thus setState in a render functions throws into a infinite loop of rendering.

More here:

Update the state even before the component is mounted using componentWillMount() life cycle method

Read more :

This SO answers may give more insight:ReactJS - Does render get called any time "setState" is called?

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