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Not Able To Debug App In Android Studio

I am making an app in Android Studio, now trying to debug it through adb. When I click on the word Android and the logo on the bottom bar, logcat comes up and recognizes my device. Then I see this:


What do I need to do to my app to make it "debuggable"?

FYI was developing this app in Eclipse before and adb worked fine.

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There is a Debug icon on the toolbar. It looks like a little "bug" and is located right next to the Run icon (which looks like a play button). Try launching the application with that.

Click here to debug

Edit: The following is deprecated when using Android Studio with Gradle.

There is also a debug flag in the AndroidManifest.xml file. It is located under the application tag, and should be set to "true", as follows:

<application android:debuggable="true">
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