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Angular - Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: IdleProvider

Getting the error

Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: IdleProvider
in my application when it is deployed to our staging server using dokku but I am not getting it when running it on my local machine. I'm using
ng-idle 1.2.1

I've found this question asked a number of times but the cause was always related to the changes made in version
where the service names were changed. The only thing I can think of is that the minification of the code is the problem but as far as I can see the code should be ok but I am not an expert. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It's written in Coffeescript

configuration = (RestangularProvider, $logProvider, growlProvider, IdleProvider, KeepaliveProvider) ->

configuration.$inject = [

.module 'vssApp.config', [
.config configuration


While trying to replicate the problem on my local machine I removed the
module in the
array below. This resulted in the same behavior so I am assuming that the problem stems from the
module not being loaded correctly here. I still feel that minification could be causing the problem but, again, I'm not sure why or how to fix it.

modules = [

runBlock.$inject = [

.module 'vssApp.core', modules
.run runBlock


Here's the full output from the error message I'm getting

Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module vssApp due to:
Error: [$injector:modulerr] Failed to instantiate module vssApp.config due to:
Error: [$injector:unpr] Unknown provider: IdleProvider$injector/unpr?p0=IdleProvider
at https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:3:18814
at https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:16489
at getService (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:14903)
at Object.invoke (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:15466)
at runInvokeQueue (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:13793)
at https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:14062
at forEach (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:3:19482)
at loadModules (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:13587)
at https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:13964
at forEach (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:3:19482)$injector/modulerr?p0=vssApp.config&p1=E…net%2Fassets%2Fapplication-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js%3A3%3A19482)
at https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:3:18814
at https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:14406
at forEach (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:3:19482)
at loadModules (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:13587)
at https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:13964
at forEach (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:3:19482)
at loadModules (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:13587)
at createInjector (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:4:16844)
at doBootstrap (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:3:28466)
at bootstrap (https://SERVER/assets/application-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js:3:28995)$injector/modulerr?p0=vssApp&p1=Error%3A…net%2Fassets%2Fapplication-85a5fd382c73380bf2a71b66e581c941.js%3A3%3A28995)

Answer Source

Finally found the cause and solution to this, it seems to have been a bower issue.

It's a Rails app, so I specified ng-idle 1.2.1 in the bower.json file but for some reason when it was deployed to our staging server using Dokku, the bower file was ignored when the app was being deployed and the last installed version 0.3.5 remained, which meant that the pre-1.0.0 ng-idle services naming convention was still being used where all service names were preceded with a $. This resulted in the Unknown provider: IdleProvider error because $IdleProvider was the actual service name.

In the end I had to connect to the docker container and remove and reinstall all bower components. Running bower update as part of the deployment was not enough for some reason. When I have more time I will investigate what caused this behavior and I will report here.

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