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Find phone numbers in python script

the following python script allows me to scrape email addresses from a given file using regular expressions.

How could I add to this so that I can also get phone numbers? Say, if it was either the 7 digit or 10 digit (with area code), and also account for parenthesis?

My current script can be found below:

# filename variables
filename = 'file.txt'
newfilename = 'result.txt'

# read the file
if os.path.exists(filename):
data = open(filename,'r')
bulkemails = data.read()
print "File not found."
raise SystemExit

# regex = something@whatever.xxx
r = re.compile(r'(\b[\w.]+@+[\w.]+.+[\w.]\b)')
results = r.findall(bulkemails)
emails = ""
for x in results:
emails += str(x)+"\n"

# function to write file
def writefile():
f = open(newfilename, 'w')
print "File written."

Regex for phone numbers:


Another regex for phone numbers:


Answer Source

If you are interested in learning Regex, you could take a stab at writing it yourself. It's not quite as hard as it's made out to be. Sites like RegexPal allow you to enter some test data, then write and test a Regular Expression against that data. Using RegexPal, try adding some phone numbers in the various formats you expect to find them (with brackets, area codes, etc), grab a Regex cheatsheet and see how far you can get. If nothing else, it will help in reading other peoples Expressions.

Edit: Here is a modified version of your Regex, which should also match 7 and 10-digit phone numbers that lack any hyphens, spaces or dots. I added question marks after the character classes (the []s), which makes anything within them optional. I tested it in RegexPal, but as I'm still learning Regex, I'm not sure that it's perfect. Give it a try.


It matched the following values in RegexPal:

000 000 0000

(000)000 0000
(000) 000-0000
(000) 000 0000
(000) 000.0000

000 0000

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