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C# Question

How to Convert date into MM/DD/YY format in C#

In My Asp.net webpage I need to display today's date into one of the textbox , so in my form load I wrote the following code

textbox1.text = System.DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString();

this line is giving me date like 1/7/09 but I want date like 01/07/09 , Is there anyway I can conver this date into mm/dd/yy format in C#?

Answer Source

Look at the docs for custom date and time format strings for more info.

(Oh, and I hope this app isn't destined for other cultures. That format could really confuse a lot of people... I've never understood the whole month/day/year thing, to be honest. It just seems weird to go "middle/low/high" in terms of scale like that.)

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