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How to use jQuery plugins in React, Riot 2.0

I have a jQuery heavy app I'm in the middle of that has many jQuery plugins and I want to restructure the app, so I'm looking at different frameworks like Angular, React, Riot 2.0, etc.

I like React and Riot, but I can't figure out how I'd make your typical jQuery app (unmetered access to the DOM) into this new world of virtual DOM, etc.

Some of these components are complex and I wouldn't want to rewrite them all into the "VDOM way" and create another nightmare.

Does anyone have an answer to this? Maybe jQuery plugin heavy apps aren't suited, or is there a way to split/combine the UI using both, or maybe a React/Riot like framework that would play well with jQuery?

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In angular someone has probably already recreated the thing you want. You use directives to either implement reusable components or wrap existing ones. To wrap a plugin:

  • initialize in link (based on isolate scope)
  • use scope.$watch(key, fn) to update the plugin when something changes
  • use scope.$apply() in plugin callbacks to tell angular something might have changed, update any relevant two way bindings, and invoke any relevant expression bindings
  • use scope.$on('$destroy', fn) to clean up
  • See ui-bootstrap for examples and api design.

The same applies to React, but components instead of directives.

  • initialize in componentDidMount (based on props)
  • update the plugin in componentDidUpdate (based on props)
  • call this.props.onWhatever in plugin callbacks
  • clean up in componentWillUnmount
  • See react-bootstrap for examples and api design.

And I don't think Riot is relevant here.

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