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PHP Question

create table with loop in Php

What I want is show the total clicks per

Category id
of the items only for 20 items order by the highest total clicks per day.

Now I am using hard code and the result have to looks like this

i am using hard code to t

So, if the
item id
total clicks
already fill up the

20columns (for item id and total clicks) + 2 for the tittle so means


It has to move to next row.

Because I am referring to my db, so I am using loop to create the table, and when I doing that way, I am getting this result....

enter image description here

The result will keep showing until the end in the left side. Thats very hard to read for report purposes. I wanted the result looks like the first figure that I've uploaded.

Here is what I am doing now:

include "Con.php";
//get the value from Get Method
$CatidValue = $_GET['CatIds'];
//(The date format would looks like yyyy-mm-dd)
$DateFrom = $_GET['DateFrom'];
$DateTo = $_GET['DateTo'];
//select the CatID
$SqlGet= "Select CatId from try where CatId = $CatidValue";
$_SqlGet = mysqli_query($connection,$SqlGet);
$TakeResultGet = mysqli_fetch_array($_SqlGet);
$CatIdTittle = $TakeResultGet ['CatId'];

For Category Id : $CatIdTittle


//For Loop purpose and break the value
$explodeValueFrom = explode("-",$DateFrom);
$explodeValueTo = explode("-",$DateTo);
$DateValueFrom = $explodeValueFrom[0].$explodeValueFrom[1].$explodeValueFrom[2];
$DateValueTo = $explodeValueTo[0].$explodeValueTo[1].$explodeValueTo[2];

//Loop through the date
for($Loop=$DateValueFrom; $Loop <= $DateValueTo; $Loop++){
$YearLoop= substr($Loop, 0,4);
$MonthLoop =substr($Loop, 4,2);
$DayLoop = substr($Loop, 6,2);

$DateTittleValue = $YearLoop."-".$MonthLoop."-".$DayLoop;
$trValue = "<th class='tg-amwm' colspan='2'>$DateTittleValue</th>";

<table class='tg'>
<table class='tg'>
<td class='tg-yw4l'>Items Id</td>
<td class='tg-yw4l'>Total Clicks</td>

//to get the item id and total clicks
$SqlSelect = "select `Item Id`,`Total Clicks`,Day from try where CatId = $CatidValue and Day = '$DateTittleValue' ORDER BY `try`.`Total Clicks` DESC limit 20";
$_SqlSelect = mysqli_query($connection,$SqlSelect);
foreach ($_SqlSelect as $ResultSelect) {
$Day = $ResultSelect['Day'];
$ItemId = $ResultSelect['Item Id'];
$TotalClicks = $ResultSelect['Total Clicks'];

<td class='tg-yw4l'>$ItemId</td>
<td class='tg-yw4l'>$TotalClicks</td>

Answer Source

You just need to float each table with the float:left css property and some percentage based on the number of tables you want on the same row. In this case, 33% will do. Take a look at this codepen:

The magic happens on:

.tg {
  width: 33%;
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