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After requestAuthorization on first load the rest of viewDidLoad isn't executed and the next line jumps to the delegate functions (swift 3)

My app seems to work fine on each use except the first one.
I ask for user authorization and I have the appropriate keys in the plist but the rest of viewDidLoad after the lines requesting authorization don't execute. I have attached the breakpoints below and breakpoint 2 isn't hit on the first time the app is used.

I'm pretty sure after authorization is given it just jumps to the func locationManager in the extension.

I could wait till the very end to ask for authorization until everything else is set but not sure if this is the best, or only way, out.


class MapController: UIViewController, GMSMapViewDelegate {

var locationManager = CLLocationManager()
var currentLocation: CLLocation?

@IBOutlet var mapView: GMSMapView!

override func viewDidLoad(){

locationManager = CLLocationManager()
--------------------------> breakpoint 1
-------------------------> breakpoint 2
locationManager.desiredAccuracy = kCLLocationAccuracyBest
locationManager.distanceFilter = 50
locationManager.delegate = self

guard let lat = locationManager.location?.coordinate.latitude else {return}
guard let lng = locationManager.location?.coordinate.longitude else {return}

mapView.settings.compassButton = true
mapView.settings.myLocationButton = true
mapView.isMyLocationEnabled = true

let camera = GMSCameraPosition.camera(withLatitude: lat, longitude: lng, zoom: 1)
mapView.camera = camera
mapView.delegate = self

extension MapController: CLLocationManagerDelegate {

func locationManager(_ manager: CLLocationManager, didUpdateLocations locations: [CLLocation]) {

guard let location: CLLocation = locations.last else {return}
let camera = GMSCameraPosition.camera(withLatitude: location.coordinate.latitude, longitude: location.coordinate.longitude, zoom: 1)

mapView.animate(to: camera)

Answer Source

Why do you request authorisation to two different things? If you request and get always authorisation, you don't need to request when in use authorisation, since this is only a subset of always authorisation.

Also, these are both asynchronous functions, so you cannot execute location based code right after them, since if you don't have authorisation yet, the code right after requestAuthorization() will be executed before you actually got authorisation and hence the functions won't be called, since you don't have authorisation yet.

You have to check the authorisation status before calling any location related code, such as locationManager.startUpdatingLocation() and only execute the location related code if the status is authorised. If it is not authorised, you have to implement CLLocationManagerDelegate's locationManager(_:didChangeAuthorization:) function and call the location related call inside that function after checking that the result of the change is an authorised status.

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