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getting a cocos2d sprite image path

How could I get the image file path of a sprite in string form in cocos2d?

Are there any classes or methods that specifically do this? The easiest and simplest way would be appreciated.

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You must get texture of sprite (CCTexture2D or CCTextureAtlas). It would be value for some string key in CCTextureCache textures. This key is your path.

As I see in Cocos2d, CCTextureCache has no property/method to access its textures, so you need to expand this (for example in category):

@interface CCTextureCache (getTexturePath)
-(NSString*) getTexturePath: (Texture2D*) texture;

@implementation CCTextureCache (getTexturePath)
-(NSString*) getTexturePath: (Texture2D*) texture
    return [[[textures allKeysForObject: texture] lastObject];


So, to get path for some sprite:

NSString* path = [[CCTextureCache sharedTextureCache] getTexturePath: [mySprite texture]];