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Node.js Question

How do I run a Node.js application as its own process?

What is the best way to deploy Node.js?

I have a Dreamhost VPS (that's what they call a VM), and I have been able to install Node.js and set up a proxy. This works great as long as I keep the SSH connection that I started node with open.

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2016 answer: nearly every Linux distribution comes with systemd, which means forever, monit, etc. are no longer necessary - your OS already handles these tasks.

Make a myapp.service file (replacing 'myapp' with your app's name, obviously):

Description=My app



Copy your service file into the /etc/systemd/system.

Tell systemd about the new service with systemctl daemon-reload.

Start it with systemctl start myapp.

Enable it to run on boot with systemctl enable myapp.

See logs with journalctl -u myapp

More details at: How we deploy node apps on Linux, 2016 edition

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