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convert Scala Future to Twitter Future

I use Finagle as a web server which I want to return Scala-Futures from my application logic. How to convert scala.concurrent.Future to com.twitter.util.Future, in a non-blocking way of course?

Answer Source

Have not enough environment to test this, but here is what i write for "com.twitter" %% "finagle-http" % "6.25.0":

import com.twitter.{util => twitter}
import scala.concurrent.{ExecutionContext, Promise, Future}
import scala.util.{Failure, Success, Try}
import language.implicitConversions

object TwitterConverters {
  implicit def scalaToTwitterTry[T](t: Try[T]): twitter.Try[T] = t match {
    case Success(r) => twitter.Return(r)
    case Failure(ex) => twitter.Throw(ex)

  implicit def twitterToScalaTry[T](t: twitter.Try[T]): Try[T] = t match {
    case twitter.Return(r) => Success(r)
    case twitter.Throw(ex) => Failure(ex)

  implicit def scalaToTwitterFuture[T](f: Future[T])(implicit ec: ExecutionContext): twitter.Future[T] = {
    val promise = twitter.Promise[T]()
    f.onComplete(promise update _)

  implicit def twitterToScalaFuture[T](f: twitter.Future[T]): Future[T] = {
    val promise = Promise[T]()
    f.respond(promise complete _)
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