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How can I convert a given ASCII value to corresponding character in Velocity Template

I want to convert a given ASCII value to the corresponding character in a FOP template using velocity.

For Eg: I want ASCII value of 65 to get converted to A

I have tried putting a Character Object in the velocity context and then used Character.toChars(int) but velocity printed its address instead of the the corresponding character, can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong. Or is there a better way to do it.

In velocity context:

VelocityContext.put("char", new Character());

In FOP Template

set($asciiValue = 65)


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Answer Source

You can pass your custom converter to Velocity context (as you pass Character object). But also you can change your code to this

#set ($string = " ")
#set ($asciiValue = 65)
#set ($chars = $char.toChars($asciiValue))
#set ($letter = $string.copyValueOf($chars)) 

copyValueOf is used for create String from char array.

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