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window.innerHeight with React and redux

I asked a question recently (Simple window resize react) to get most of this solution working however now I am plugging in redux so that I can refactor out the web service call to an action creator and receive the data through a reducer. (The call is made using jsonp-promise and I am using the appropriate redux middleware.)

However now I can't seem to use window.innerHeight as it always returns 200 :/

Is the problem due to having some of state managed by redux and some of it native to the component (i.e. 'height')?

Many thanks in advance!

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import { connect } from 'react-redux';
import { bindActionCreators } from 'redux';
import GalleryItem from '../components/gallery_item';
import Nav from '../components/nav';
import { fetchImages } from '../actions/index';

export const MF = 'http://www.veilcraft.com';

class Gallery extends Component {

constructor(props) {

this.state = {
images: [],
height: window.innerHeight

this.handleResize = this.handleResize.bind(this);

componentDidMount() {
window.addEventListener('resize', this.handleResize);

handleResize(e) {

height: window.innerHeight

componentWillUnmount() {
window.removeEventListener('resize', this.handleResize);

render() {

console.log(this.props.height); //outputs 200!

const galleryItems = this.props.images.map((image) => {
return <GalleryItem key={image} image={image} height={this.props.height} />

return (
<Nav />

function mapStateToProps(state) {

return {
images: state.images

function mapDispatchToProps(dispatch) {
return bindActionCreators({ fetchImages }, dispatch);

export default connect(mapStateToProps, mapDispatchToProps)(Gallery);

The action:

import jsonp from 'jsonp-promise';
import { MF } from '../containers/gallery'


export function fetchImages() {

const url = `${MF}/home/`
const request = jsonp(url, {}).promise;

return {
payload: request //return promise

The reducer:

import { FETCH_IMAGES } from '../actions/index'

export default function(state = [], action) {

switch(action.type) {
var images = action.payload.data.images.images.data.map((image) => {
return image.image;

return [ ...images, ...state ];
return state;

Answer Source

In handleResize you're updating the state of your Gallery component. You then pass the height down into GalleryItem as a prop.

That means that, inside Gallery, you need to write


While inside GalleryItem you can write:

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