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JSON Question

cant load more than 100 words in json android from sql

i have issues error when i am trying to load more than 100 words in json..

this is my code php

$result = array();
$query = "SELECT id_lw,judul_lw,left(deskripsi_lw,100)deskripsi_lw,
from lokasi_wisata
JOIN kabupaten as kabupaten ON kabupaten.IDKabupaten = lokasi_wisata.IDKabupaten
JOIN provinsi as provinsi ON provinsi.IDProvinsi = lokasi_wisata.IDProvinsi
WHERE nama_k LIKE '%$namekab%'
GROUP BY judul_lw " ;
$res = mysql_query($query);

while ($fetch = mysql_fetch_assoc($res)) {
$result[] = $fetch;
// print_r($result);
echo mysql_error();
echo json_encode(array('res'=>$result)); :

when i changed left(deskripsi_lw,100)deskripsi_lw into 200 or more .. the result is nothing ..

the type data of deskripsi_lw is TEXT on my sql

Answer Source

It still works if you use sout in java

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