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Javascript Question

FullPage.js touch scrolling over fixed element

I'm using fullpage.js for my website. I have an fixed (horizontally and vertically centered) element above the fullpage-container, so when i swipe over that fixed part on my mobile device, fullpage doesn't recognise the touch event. Scrolling works fine.

The problem exists when the fixed div's are outside the fullpage container and even when they're inside. I'm using the 'fixedElements' Parmeter:

fixedElements: '.circleWrapper',

Should I bind the touch event somehow to the fullpage container?

Answer Source

So I tried css3: false on the fullpage.js configuration but didn't get it to work so I found the simple solution to just use

pointer-events: none;

on my element infront of the fullpage slides. This is the most simple solution i've found to solve my problem. For any questions about my implementation just ask!

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