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AngularJS Question

Stop event listeners on '$destroy'. TypeError: $on is not a function;

I'm trying to stop all event listeners while scope is destroyed.

I get this error:

TypeError: vm.$on is not a function;

Neither vm.on(..) works

.controller('DashboardController', DashboardController);

DashboardController.$inject = ['$interval','dataservice'];

function DashboardController($interval, dataservice) {
var vm = this;
vm.name = "DashboardController";

console.log('Init Dashboard Controller');


function initEvents() {
vm.$on('$destroy', function() {
console.log('DashboardController scope destroyed.');

Answer Source

The problem is that vm doesn't have the $on(... declared, you must use $scope instead. Inject it on your controller and declare like $scope.$on.

When using controllerAs syntax, this very often missunderstood that you shouldn't use $scope at all. However, the recomendation is to avoid using $scope for certain activities not abolish it from your controller. Scope always will exists, it's an internal of your controller, just don't use it like a view model, but you can use it anyways for such tasks like, listen to events, broadcast, emmit, etc.

Try something like (after you've injected $scope on your dependencies):

$scope.$on('$destroy', function() {
    console.log('DashboardController scope destroyed.');
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