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Angular UI Tinymce deletes content from ng-model and 2-way binding does not work when not using `<textarea>`

One problem I am having with TinyMCE editor and Angular UI's light wrapper is that ng-model doesn't appear to do the 2-way binding that I would expect with the model data on the scope when changes are made in the editor. This problem only seems to happen when

is used.

The 2-way binding seems to work just fine when I use
, but this is not what I want... I want an inline editor.

Here are my options:

$scope.tinymceOptions = {
inline: true,
menubar: false,
statusbar: false,
toolbar: "bold italic | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | link | removeformat"

In my case, if there is content in
, it will actually get put into the TinyMCE editor just fine. However, once TinyMCE does this, the text is deleted from
altogether, and the
binding that it has to
is no longer being respected:

<div class="pageParagraph">
<div class="contenteditable"

Here's a screenshot:

Displaying inline problem

How can I get 2-way binding to occur when TinyMCE is in inline mode?

Answer Source

After an hour or so of mucking around, I figured that changing updateView in tinymce.js from the Angular UI extension fixes the issue:

      updateView = function () {
        if(elm.prop("tagName").toLowerCase() === 'textarea') {
        } else {

        if (!scope.$$phase) {

It's probably not perfect, but it will work for p, div and textarea. This solution also avoids non-obvious code that looks strange.

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