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Travis-CI with: ERROR: Cannot find schemes

This is my


language: objective-c

osx_image: xcode7.2

xctool -project ProjectName.xcodeproj -scheme ProjectName build -sdk iphonesimulator

While Travis is running I've got this error:

$ xctool -project ProjectName.xcodeproj -scheme ProjectName build -sdk iphonesimulator

ERROR: Cannot find schemes. Please consider creating shared schemes in Xcode.

TIP: This might happen if you're relying on Xcode to autocreate your schemes
and your scheme files don't yet exist. xctool, like xcodebuild, isn't able to
automatically create schemes. We recommend disabling "Autocreate schemes"
in your workspace/project, making sure your existing schemes are marked as
"Shared", and making sure they're checked into source control.

Answer Source

This problem is easy to solve:

Go to your project scheme and click Manage Schemes...

enter image description here

Tick Shared for your scheme

enter image description here

Click Close, commit and push.

Problem Solved. Now Travis is working without problems.

I also wrote a post in my blog about Travis-CI.

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