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Reading the JSON File with multiple objects in Python

I'm a bit idiot in programming and Python. I know that these are a lot of explanations in previous questions about this but I carefully read all of them and I didn't find the solution.

I'm trying to read a JSON file which contains about 1 billion of data like this:


I was trying hard to overcome that 6 digit numbers at the beginning of each line, but I dont know how can I read multiple JSON objects?
Here is my code but I can't find why it is not working?

import json

T =[]
s = open('simple.json', 'r')
ss = s.read()
for line in ss:
line = ss[7:]

And the here is the error that I got:

ValueError: Extra Data: line 3 column 1 - line 5 column 48 (char 42 - 138)

Any suggestion would be very helpful for me!

Answer Source

You should use readlines() instead of read(), and wrap your JSON parsing in a try/except block. Your lines probably contain a trailing newline character and that would cause an error.

s = open('simple.json', 'r')
for line in s.readlines():
        j = line.split('|')[-1]
        # Remove \n
        j = j.strip()
    except ValueError:
        # You probably have bad JSON
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