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Python Question

Accessing Enovia's python interface from Excel / VBA?

We are using software called Enovia.

I would like to query Enovia from inside Excel / VBA.

After some search, Enovia seems to have a programming interface called Abaqus.

I would like to access this interface in VBA directly but I didn't find anything to that effect.

I found two projects that might allow Excel/VBA to talk to python components or at least to python scripts.

They are as follows

Python For Excel

And the discontinued excelpython
which became integrated in xlwings

I am not familiar with python nor these two projects. I'm not sure if they will allow me to do what I want.

I'm ok with learning some python to do this but my main program and user interface is in excel.

I figure I could make some simple python scripts then call them through the python interpreter from excel with shellexecute but that is not a very elegant solution I think.

Any advice welcomed

thanks !

Answer Source

Enovia uses the MQL language for scripting. There are some guides available, such as

I would recommend some training such as as this doesnt seem to be a very common language.

Not to be confused with the financial trading language MQL4/MQL5 from MetaQuotes Software Corp.

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