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Java Question

I am implementing truth table for ex-nor gate. could it be implemented much simpler?

This snippet takes inputs as boolean and returns output for ex-nor gate

public boolean exnor_gate(boolean a, boolean b) {
if (a==true){
//a1, =b=1
return true;
//a=1, b=0
return false;
else {
//a=0, b=1
return false;
//a=0, b=0
return true;

Is there any simple implementation for the above code?

Answer Source

You can use the ^ operator, which is the XOR operator. You can implement it as such

public boolean exor_gate(boolean a, boolean b) {
  return a ^ b;

Here is a truth table of the results

A | B | XOR
T | T | F
T | F | T
F | T | T
F | F | F

Edit: As Erwin noted, you might be trying to implement the XNOR which is !(a ^ b) or a == b. This would be implemented as such

public boolean xnor_gate(boolean a, boolean b) {
  return a == b;

With truth table:

A | B | XNOR
T | T | T
T | F | F
F | T | F
F | F | T
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