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Javascript Question

Multiply numbers in string with JS

I have this string:

var sting = "500*500*500";

Now i'd like to calculate the numbers in the string just as they are.

If i just had the numbers outside the string i could do math like:

var sum = 500*500*500;
console.log(sum) will return: 125000000

I found this question:

How to calculate numbers in string

Isn't there a easier way?


var sum = calc(string);

Answer Source

The best way is to use a Mathematic specialised eval function.

Make your own or simply use the awesome MathJS

// evaluate expressions
math.eval('sqrt(3^2 + 4^2)');           // 5
math.eval('sqrt(-4)');                  // 2i
math.eval('2 inch to cm');              // 5.08 cm
math.eval('cos(45 deg)');               // 0.7071067811865476