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Linux Question

when i easy_install greenlet i got "error: Setup script exited with error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1 "

when i easy_install greenlet(also eventlet) as the documents says in ubuntu 10.04 i got the error above.
is there anyone know why?
Expect your help!

And I have install build-essential

As I canot take the format right here, so I paste the message printed out there

Thank u very much!

Answer Source

(Warning: Ubuntu specific answer. Somewhat applicable to Debian, to but I don't have the details in my head right now) To use easy_install to install modules that contain C extensions (like greenlet), you need a complete development stack installed on your system. For a basic install, the means build-essential for the C part and python-all-dev for the Python part (that's where Python.h lives).

Add an 'ubuntu' tag to the question for clarity (don't have sufficient reputation myself as of now)

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