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Load most basic website using VS WebBrowser

I am creating a program that will schedule classes for me for my upcoming semester, and I have everything working in regards to inputting my username, password, and Schedule ID, however I want it to work as fast as possible. I did some research into disabling images from being downloaded, but have yet to come to a conclusion.

So basically, I want to request the website, but I don't want none of the 'fancy' UI such as images, animations, etc... I just want plain text and the respective fields. Is this even possible using VS WebBrowser? Would this be along the lines of just gathering the HTML and no CSS/JS?

Thanks for reading! Any hints or help in the right direction would be muchas gracias!

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As it turns out, this is not possible in a "nice way." The images are loaded and requested after the html loads, and so there would have to be a way to disconnect or abort the request, just after we recieve all of the html. Digging around, you cannot do this natively in VS' WebBrowser.

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