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SQL Question

MySQL - Distinct per user/distinct with group by

One of the DB tables looks as below

date emp_name activity
2015-01-01 A button1
2015-01-01 A button2
2015-01-01 B button1
2015-01-01 C button2
2015-01-01 A button6
2015-01-02 A button6
2015-01-02 A button7
2015-01-02 B button1
2015-01-03 B button3
2015-01-04 B button3

I'd like to print emp_name along with all the distinct activity that associates with them.

Expected Output

emp_name activity
A button1
A button2
A button6
A button7
B button1
B button3
C button2

I've tried the following queries so far, but it lists just the first entry for each emp_name

select emp_name, activity from table_name group by emp_name;

select * from (select emp_name, activity from table_name group by emp_name) t1 group by t1.emp_name;

Another query was using distinct, but, anyway couldn't use emp_name, distinct activity.

Could I pelase request help to get this query right.

Answer Source

Try this

select distinct emp_name, activity from table_name;
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