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Using Wizard addon

Dear friends I'm new of vaadin and I would want to use wizard add-on in my vaadin application.
Now my trouble is that I don't have a fix number of steps. I try to explain in a better way, I have the following optionGroup

enter image description here

Then when i choose fixed size I don't have a problem because I can do this

// instantiate the Wizard
Wizard wizard = new Wizard();

// add some steps that implement the WizardStep interface
wizard.addStep(new FirstStep());
wizard.addStep(new SecondStep());
wizard.addStep(new ThirdStep());
wizard.addStep(new FourthStep());

while when i choose the dynamic size, I don't know the exact number of step, but is the user that while running the wizard can add additional step or not.

Is this possible with the wizard add-on?

Answer Source

Yes it is possible to add/remove steps while running the wizard.


You can see here in this demo:

Source code:

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