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NoClassDefFoundError: roboguice.inject.ContextScopedRoboInjector on android 4.3 (Jelly Bean API 18)

I have an app which is using roboguice 3 and it crashes on start on devices with API 18.
Same app works perfect on android 23.

Stack trace:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: roboguice.inject.ContextScopedRoboInjector
01-12 16:53:31.285 12710-12710/ E/AndroidRuntime: at roboguice.RoboGuice.getInjector(
01-12 16:53:31.285 12710-12710/ E/AndroidRuntime: at roboguice.activity.RoboActionBarActivity.onCreate(

any ideas?


As stated in their GitHub page

RoboGuice is no longer supported.
There are now many other excellent DI frameworks for Android, please consider migrating to one of them.