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NoClassDefFoundError: roboguice.inject.ContextScopedRoboInjector on android 4.3 (Jelly Bean API 18)

I have an app which is using roboguice 3 and it crashes on start on devices with API 18.
Same app works perfect on android 23.

Stack trace:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: roboguice.inject.ContextScopedRoboInjector
01-12 16:53:31.285 12710-12710/ E/AndroidRuntime: at roboguice.RoboGuice.getInjector(
01-12 16:53:31.285 12710-12710/ E/AndroidRuntime: at roboguice.activity.RoboActionBarActivity.onCreate(

any ideas?

Answer Source

As stated in their GitHub page

RoboGuice is no longer supported.
There are now many other excellent DI frameworks for Android, please consider migrating to one of them.
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