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Vb.net Question

Include and Call PDF File in vb.net (after Deployement)

Glad to see this site, Thanks guys for being active. :)

I have a problem in Visual Studio 2010/VB.Net

I have windows form in Visual Basic, I deployed the software(form) to one installer
Now I want to open My PDF file( i-e: Specific) with Button_Click_Event
I know that:


But I dont know if user install my software in his PC so may be he install the software in C D or other directory, and also I dont know How to include PDF file in my project :)
Please suggest for me, I am searching this every where but failed so pl help me

Answer Source

Use Add->Existing Item on your Project.
Then add the PDF File to your Project.
Afterwards you have to set the Properties of the newly added file to the following:

Item in Solution Explorer

Now the file will be added to your "Output" Directory after you build your Project.
Now use your Process.Start("MyPDF.pdf") call. It will open up, as it resides in the same directory.

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