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Joda time - all mondays between two dates

I am using Joda time api in a Spring 3.0 project for the very first time. Now I have a start and end date and I want to get the date for all mondays between these two dates. How can I do this ?

I have no idea where to start, can someone please advise. I looked at theis post Joda Time: How to get dates of weekdays on some date interval? and it offered some sort of guidance but its still somewhat vague due to little experience with joda.

LocalDate startDate = new LocalDate(2011, 11, 8);
LocalDate endDate = new LocalDate(2012, 5, 1);

LocalDate thisMonday = startDate.withDayOfWeek(DateTimeConstants.MONDAY);

if (startDate.isAfter(thisMonday)) {
    startDate = thisMonday.plusWeeks(1); // start on next monday
} else {
    startDate = thisMonday; // start on this monday

while (startDate.isBefore(endDate)) {
    startDate = startDate.plusWeeks(1);