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Java Question

Max 20 Friends Information on Twitter4J

Like you see in this code, I want to get all the information about friends in twitter, people I follow.
But doing this :

PagableResponseList<User> users = twitter.getFriendsList(USER_ID, CURSOR);

... only gives me the first 20 recent friends... What can I do?

Complete code about it :

PagableResponseList<User> users = twitter.getFriendsList(USER_ID, CURSOR);
User user = null;
max = users.size();

System.out.println("Following: "+max);
for (int i = 0 ; i < users.size() ; i++){

user = users.get(i);

System.out.print("\nID: "+user.getId()+" / User: "+user.getName()+" /");
System.out.print("\nFollowers: "+user.getFollowersCount()+"\n");




Answer Source

I have the solution to my post... thanks to Sander, give me some ideas...

The thing was change the for to while ((CURSOR = ids.getNextCursor()) != 0);.

And... user = twitter.showUser(id);

Playing with showUser makes it possible to get, with a slowly time, all the info about all my friends...

That's all. Don't use user.get(i);

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