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swift for-in loop in playground just counts loops, does not print

Just getting started with Swift, looking at the Wikipedia article, it has this code:

// Define a dictionary with four items:

// Each item has a person's name and age

let people = ["Anna": 67, "Beto": 8, "Jack": 33, "Sam": 25]

// Now we use Swift's flexible enumerator system

// to extract both values in a single loop

for (name, age) in people {

 print("\(name) is \(age) years old.")


Putting this into a playground in XCode, I expected this to see this:

Anna is 67 years old.

Beto is 8 years old.


Instead, in the right-hand panel, it just shows this:

(4 times)

There is a button over on the far right, beyond the
(4 times)
which, when I click it, causes
Jack is 33 years old.
to display within the loop. (See screen shot below.) Click the button again, and that disappears. Can anyone help me understand the logic behind all this?

for-in mystery

Answer Source

Small issue in your code you should include a parameter "\(name)" not (name) in order to print it. so you should use like this

for (name, age) in people {
    print("\(name) is \(age) years old.")

If you want to show all the value as you asked on question just follow these steps :-

**Step 1**

Clicks the + sign right corner.Then it shows latest value. enter image description here

Step 2

If you want to show all the values clicks the recent value and right click and choose value history

enter image description here

Step 3

Then you can see the all values.

enter image description here

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