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Python Question

Why does Python say "Inappropriate Argument Type" for xrange?

My code is:

def euler7():
for num in xrange(3, 9999999999, 2):
for n in xrange(1, num):
if num%n==0:
if numb==1:
if prime==10001:
return val

But, it says there is an Inappropriate argument type for the for loops. I dont know if that means that it is not seeing the values as integers, or what is happening. Thanks

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xrange won't work with large numbers since the code is executed as a C program (

According to docs -

CPython implementation detail: xrange() is intended to be simple and fast. Implementations may impose restrictions to achieve this. The C implementation of Python restricts all arguments to native C longs (“short” Python integers), and also requires that the number of elements fit in a native C long. If a larger range is needed, an alternate version can be crafted using the itertools module: islice(count(start, step), (stop-start+step-1+2*(step<0))//step).

I am not sure what system specs you got, but generally c int is 2^16-1 and c long is 2^32-1.

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