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How do I get my Gitlab CE installation to detect git repos in custom git_data_dirs directory

I have a local installation of Gitlab CE on a Vagrant box (installed there as a means of demoing to the dev team and shot-callers) and I've configured the

setting as follows:

git_data_dirs({"default" => "/var/git"})

Inside this directory, there is another called
, which I can only assume Gitlab has added when I ran
sudo gitlab-ctl reconfigure

Within this
directory, I have managed to
git clone --mirror <git-repo>
which gives me the
I need.

How do I get Gitlab to detect this as a project, or how do I get Gitlab to add a new project using this?

Answer Source

If you want to import projects to GitLab with git you have two options:

  1. Use the built-in import capabilities, namely the import "Repo by URL". This way GitLab will do the import process for you which means creating a Project and pulling the files from a remote repository.

  2. Create a Project and pull/clone the files yourself.

There currently is no way to just put the repositories in the folder where GitLab puts them. As GitLab has to create database entries and such only the two options above will work.

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