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Theano: Where to put .theanorc file for Anaconda installation? (Windows)

I recently installed Python 2.7 using Anaconda on my Windows 10 (x64)

I am trying to install Theano, I am however not sure where I should put the '.theanorc' file (for setting Theano parameters). I have verified that theano works (trained small neural network).

I have tried to put it in

are located), but it doesn't seem like theano registers it.



When I type

>>> import theano; print(theano.config)

I get

floatX (('float64', 'float32', 'float16'))
Doc: Default floating-point precision for python casts.

Note: float16 support is experimental, use at your own risk.
Value: float64

Answer Source

dotfiles are typically stored in the %HOME% directory, which on windows is %USERPROFILE%. This translates to C:\Users\username

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