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Redirect Azure WebPage Port to VM

I'm building a project that consists in one web site and one Java application. The web site is running as a Web App inside Azure, and my application is in a Virtual Machine in Azure too. This java application is a Web Server that an user could consume it from the internet.

So what i'm am trying to accomplish here is, when an user types

, it opens the web site, and when he types
, he should be redirected to my application in the virtual machine. So he can access my Web Server without using the IP directly.

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Per my experience, there are two ways which can satify your needs, and it's not necessary to specify an alone port for a redirect request to VM.

  1. As @DavidMakogon said, you can create a request filter in your Java Application to use the function like response.sendRedirect() to redirect a request for an url mapping pattern, that's based on HTTP 30X.

  2. You can try to create an Azure Application Gateway for your website & VM to direct the request using URL pattern routing, please see the offical article Create an application gateway using URL based routing to know how to get started.

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