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iOS 9 Xcode 7 - Application appears with black bars on top and bottom

Installed the app on iPhone 6 iOS9 and here is what happened. Notice black bars on top and bottom. It works just fine on iOS8. How I can fix it?

I've tried building with Xcode 6.4 & 7. Same result.

(iPhone 5 used to run iPhone 4 apps like this)

enter image description here

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Did you migrate your app from an earlier version of Xcode? If so then Xcode is now making an assumption about your screen size and you need a way of indicating the actual screen size at run time.

There are two ways:

a) If you use a launch screen.

You are missing a LaunchScreen.storyboard file. Create a LaunchScreen.storyboard file and add it to your project.

b) If you don't use a launch screen.

Go to your Target's settings and choose General, then App Icons and Launch Images. Now set "Launch Screen File" to your "main.storyboard" (or another storyboard if appropriate)

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