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MySQL Question

Can IFNULL() return a string where the column value is int, using MySQL?

My query

select cname, count(screening_occapancy.idclient) as 'Count'
from client, screening_occapancy
where client.client_no = screening_occapancy.idclient
group by cname

returns the following:

Name Count
Name1 2
Name2 3
Name3 6

etc, now I want it the value in 'Count' to be "not found" if the value is null or 0, is that possible? I need something like that in my results:

Name Count
Name1 2
Name2 3
Name3 "Not found"

Answer Source
    Select cname , 
case when Count is null or count =0 then 'Not found' 
else Count end as count
    (select cname,
 count(screening_occapancy.idclient) as 'Count' 
    from client left join screening_occapancy 
    client.client_no = screening_occapancy.idclient group by cname) t

Write a wrapper query above your query to check count column

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