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How to do Java lambda sum on Double not Integer?

I have this obscene block of java lambda code that works (it sums a collection of integers, Netbeans IDE wrote it for me....)

Integer thesum = times.values().stream().filter((val) -> (val != null)).reduce(thesum, Integer::sum);

Now the "times" Map changed to a
not a
like above,
However, simply changing the
doesn't work

Double thesum = times.values().stream().filter((val) -> (val != null)).reduce(thesum, Double::sum);//does not work

Why is it different with doubles vs integers?

TBH I actually don't care, because this works and IMO is more understandable anyway

for(double d : times.values()){

But I thought those who enjoy the construction of lambda syntax as a form of human happiness and personal gratification might want to see an answer to this, because it annoyed me almost as much as the general syntax construct itself.


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Answer Source

Aside from the variable 'thesum' not being initialised before use; The code looks fine and compiles & runs as expected in eclipse.

I've added an example below, formatted for clarity

public static void main(String[] args) {
    Map<String,Double> times = new HashMap<>();
    times.put("1", 1.0);
    times.put("2", 2.0);
    times.put("null", null);
    times.put("3", 3.0);
    times.put("4", 4.0);

    Double thesum = 0.0;
    thesum = times.values().stream()
        .filter((val) -> (val != null))
        .reduce(thesum, Double::sum);

    System.out.println(thesum); // 10.0
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