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Bash Question

How to set bash aliases for docker containers in Dockerfile?

I am new to docker. I found that we can set environment variables using ENV instruction in the Dockerfile. But how does one set bash aliases for long commands in Dockerfile?

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Basically like you always do, by adding it to the users .bashrc:

FROM foo
RUN echo 'alias hi="echo hello"' >> ~/.bashrc

As usual this will only work for interactive shells:

docker build -t test .
docker run -it --rm --entrypoint /bin/bash test hi
/bin/bash: hi: No such file or directory
docker run -it --rm test bash
$ hi

For non-interactive shells you should create a small script and put it in your path, i.e.:

echo '#!/bin/bash\necho hello' > /usr/bin/hi
chmod +x /usr/bin/hi
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