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JSON Question

How would I go about traversing this JSON object?

How would I access the [0] -> Array() located below and retrieve the [title] which is "Spirited Away" by iterating over the array?

[@attributes] => Array
[version] => 2.0

[channel] => Array
[title] => Site Title
[link] => site/
[language] => en-us
[category] => All
[image] => Array
[title] => Site
[url] => http://example.com
[link] => example.com

[item] => Array
[0] => Array
[title] => Spirited Away
[pubDate] => date
[category] => Movies
[link] => linkhere
[enclosure] => Array
[@attributes] => Array
[url] => someurlhere
[length] => length
[type] => application/x-bittorrent


I'm currently trying to iterate over the array using a foreach loop but It's outputting nothing. I would post my code but the code section of this question is already too long. I'm using PHP and nothing I have tried so far was working.

This JSON code was generated from an XML document using json_encode and then decoded using json_decode into a JSON object.

Answer Source

comment to answer as its correct.

to loop through this particular array structure its:

foreach ( $array['channel']['item'] as $x){
    echo $x['title'];
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