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express-validator to validate paramenter which is an array

I am using express-validator to validate POST data in my express application. I have a form which has a select where in user can select multiple options:

<select name="category" multiple id="category">
<option value="1">category 1 </option>

The payload after submitting form shows me this if I select multiple values:


Now, in my Express application I try to validate it like this:

req.checkBody('category', 'category cannot be empty').notEmpty();

But, even after I send multiple values I always get the error -
category cannot be empty
. If I print my variable as
- I get the data. But, somehow not able to understand the way I need to pass this to my validator.

Answer Source

You may need to create your own custom validator;

expressValidator = require('express-validator');
validator = require('validator');

  customValidators: {
     isArray: function(value) {
        return Array.isArray(value);
     notEmpty: function(array) {
        return array.length > 0;
     gte: function(param, num) {
        return param >= num;

req.checkBody('category', 'category cannot be empty').isArray().notEmpty();
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