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How to set html on data-disable-with to rails submit_tag

I have a RoR app using bootstrap. I'm trying to apply the fontawesome html icon tag to a submit_tag helper, but it does not seem to be supported. When I click submit, the disable content just appears as a string instead of being interpreted to html, though it does for link_to helper.

Here's the erb:

<%= form_tag("/home/search", method: "get", class: "form-inline", role: "search", remote: true) do %>
<div class="form-group">
<%= text_field_tag(:term, nil, {:class => "form-control", "data-html" => true, :value => @term}) %>
<%= submit_tag "Go!", class: "btn btn-transparent", role: "button", 'data-disable-with' => "<i class='fa fa-spinner fa-spin'></i> Searching...".html_safe %>
<% end %>

Here's what it comes out looking like when I click submit:
enter image description here

It works with link_to, but then I can't pass the value from the text_field_tag to link_to otherwise, I'd be happy with that solution. I'd really rather avoid writing the .ajax method myself and using javascript to manipulate button values. Any suggestions on how to solve this with the standard FormHelper tags? Many Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

You should try to change submit_tag to button_tag, something like this:

<%= button_tag "Go!", class: "btn btn-transparent", 'data-disable-with' => "<i class='fa fa-spinner fa-spin'></i> Searching...".html_safe %>    
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