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Python Question

How to bind arguments to given values in Python functions?

I have a number of functions with a combination of positional and keyword arguments, and I would like to bind one of their arguments to a given value (which is known only after the function definition). Is there a general way of doing that?

My first attempt was:

def f(a,b,c): print a,b,c

def _bind(f, a): return lambda b,c: f(a,b,c)

bound_f = bind(f, 1)

However, for this I need to know the exact args passed to
, and cannot use a single function to bind all the functions I'm interested in (since they have different argument lists).

Answer Source
>>> from functools import partial
>>> def f(a, b, c):
...   print a, b, c
>>> bound_f = partial(f, 1)
>>> bound_f(2, 3)
1 2 3
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