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Django 1.8 RC1: ProgrammingError when creating database tables

I'm using AbstractBaseUser for my user models in various projects. Updating to Django 1.8 RC1 works smoothly and I can run the migrate management command. However, when trying to create a fresh database table layout from scratch, I get the following error:

python migrate
>>> ...
>>> ...
>>> django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: relation "auth_group" does not exist

All works perfectly with Django 1.7.x and I cannot find anything about this issue elsewhere. So, is it a big with the RC1 version or did something change that I'm not aware of in Django 1.8? Unfortunately, the error message doesn't really help ... but I'm pretty sure it has to do with the automatic migrations that come with the new Django version.

Answer Source

To copy the answer I got from the Django ticket mentioned above: Before calling "python migrate" to create the database layout, one needs to create a migration for the app that contains the custom user class:

python makemigrations appname

This creates a migration file within the app directory - et voilĂ , migrate does work and creates the other tables.

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