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IFrame scrollbar disappears on chrome when visibility changes

Is Google Chrome on Windows having problems to render iframe scrollbars?

I wrote a very simple code to show what is happening (at least with me on chrome 52.0.2743.82 m):

<button>Toggle visibility</button>
<br />
<iframe scrolling="yes" seamless src="" frameborder="0" style="width: 700px; height: 300px"></iframe>

<script type="text/javascript">
$("button").on("click", function() {

Plunker link to code

When the page is loaded, the iframe as it scrollbar are visible.

Hide and show the iframe clicking the button. The scrollbar disappears.

This issue apparently occurs only in chrome.

Anyone is experiencing this too? Any fixes/workarounds?

Answer Source

It seems that bug appeared with the update Chrome 52.0.2743.82 (

One possible workaround is to use the attribute visibility with position: absolute instead of display to show or hide the iframe.

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