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Is there official guide for Python 3.x release lifecycle?

I just noticed Python 3.2 was removed from the drop down selector in Python Docs. I have a framework using Python 3.3, so I'd like to know when it'll share the same fate, and move to a newer version before this happens.

Is there an official guide on how long Python

gets support, backports, etc.? I couldn't find any information about Python release lifecycle on Python's home page or via search engines.

Answer Source

Yes, you could look at the table in the Pythons Developer Guide for most releases. Specifically Python 3.3 will have security fixes until 2017-09-29.

Additionally, there also exists appropriate PEPs (google-able or from the devguide table) for each branch where a lifespan section specifies these. For 3.3 in PEP 398:

3.3 will receive bugfix updates approximately every 4-6 months for approximately 18 months. After the release of 3.4.0 final, a final 3.3 bugfix update will be released. After that, security updates (source only) will be released until 5 years after the release of 3.3 final, which will be September 2017.

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