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Changing Zurb Foundation grid columns so padding is only on one side

Does anyone know if there is a setting to put the column-gutter to only one side? Currently it adds half to each side of the column, so for instance if you wanted a 14px column gutter, it would add 7px on each side. This causes the first column in a row to have a 7px indentation.

I could hack it with extra CSS, but I would prefer to change it in default settings if I can.

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It's not possible as far as I know without creating your own mixin or modifying the existing grid-column mixin, and that's not something you'd want to do for a simple case like that.

I'd suggest to instead create your own class for this, for example:


.left-collapse {
  .columns {
    padding-left: 0;
    padding-right: $column-gutter;

And then just add the class to your parent row, almost like you'd want to do with a collapse class for removing all gutter widths - so you'r row would then look like this:

<div class="row left-collapse">
   <div class="large-4 columns">FOO</div>
   <div class="large-4 columns">FOO</div>
   <div class="large-4 columns">FOO</div>

If you'r not using SASS then just add in your $column-gutter size (default in v4: 1.875em) in the padding-right in your CSS file.

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