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Regular Expression to MATCH ALL words in a query, in any order

I'm trying to build a search feature for a project which narrows down items based on a user search input and if it matches the keywords listed against items. For this, I'm saving the item keywords in a

attribute and matching the query with these keywords using a RegExp pattern.

I'm currently using this expression, which I know is not correct and need your help on that:

new RegExp('\\b(' + query + ')', 'gi')))
where query is
separated values of the query entered by the user (e.g.
). This returns me a match even if there is only 1 match, say for example -

Just to throw some context, here's a small example:

If a user types:
meat pasta dinner
it should list all items which have ALL the 3 keywords listed against them i.e.
. These are independent of the order they're typed in.

Can you help me with an expression which will match ALL words in a query, in any order?

Answer Source

You can achieve this will lookahead assertions


See it here on Regexr

(?=.*\bmeat\b) is a positive lookahead assertion, that ensures that \bmeat\b is somewhere in the string. Same for the other keywords and the .+ is then actually matching the whole string, but only if the assertions are true.

But it will match also on "dinner meat Foobar pasta"

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